more accurate CBCT

Trueview scatter correction greatly enhances CBCT imaging, delivering unrivalled HU accuracy for dramatically improved bone segmentation and soft tissue rendering.

Trueview has been validated in extremity, cranial and oncology CBCT imaging to remove scatter-related cupping artefacts and improve bone and soft tissue contrast by 50%.




The Trueview physics-based engine generates the most reliable and accurate scatter removal capability for CBCT imaging. 

Trueview accurately calculates scatter for each frame in a scan and improves image quality in both the resulting 3D reconstruction and individual image slices. This improves HU accuracy and increases bone and soft tissue contrast by up to 53%.





By accurately removing scatter, classification and visualisation of soft tissue in 3D reconstructions is significantly improved, leading to more accurate and reliable diagnoses.

Visualization of ligaments and tendons is more effective, expanding the possible use cases for your CBCT system.





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