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Revolutionary bone health classification and accurate scatter correction with new composition based outputs and unparalleled image quality at a lower dose than using a grid.

IBEX Trueview® uses a state-of-the-art physics engine to accurately model all X-ray interactions within the body to generate accurate, robust scatter estimates and a 3D model of body composition.

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Standard clinical image

Mobile chest X-ray

Before After

IBEX TRUEVIEW® Gridless Imaging

Trueview scatter corrected and post processed image

Unprocessed Image

Image without an anti-scatter grid

Before After

IBEX TRUEVIEW® Gridless Imaging

Trueview scatter corrected and post processed image

Unprocessed Image

Live patient without an anti-scatter grid

Before After

IBEX TRUEVIEW® Gridless Imaging

Live patient Trueview post processed and scatter corrected image


Bone Health Classification

Population wide bone health classification on standard DR systems with high positive predictive value

Better Images

Accurate, robust scatter correction and composition-guided post processing for better images at a lower dose

Streamlined Workflow

Reliable gridless imaging for all protocols. Reduced set-up time, reliable image quality for all protocols and fewer retakes

Composition-based Outputs

Composition-guided imaging dramatically improves the visibility of bone and soft tissue pathologies


IBEX Innovations

IBEX has been dedicated to developing innovative medical X-ray imaging software solutions since 2014.

IBEX employs a team of highly-skilled physicists, mathematicians, software engineers and business professionals at its modern facilities in the beautiful North East region of the UK. 

IBEX maintains close links with Durham and Newcastle Universities and the NHS Trusts of Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals, South Tees and Gateshead.

IBEX is backed by leading Venture Capital and Corporate investors and is grateful for financial support through grants from InnovateUK. Development of the core technology has also been supported by funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 777835.

IBEX is accredited to ISO13485:2016.

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18th January 2021

Staff Profile – Meet Cyclist, Scientist, and CEO Neil Loxley

Neil Loxley (CEO - IBEX Innovations) IBEX's CEO, Neil Loxley, has a pretty impressive background in both the world of business and the world of science. His role at IBEX…

8th January 2021

Staff Profile – Meet Senior Statistician, Adam Ratcliffe

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21st December 2020

Staff Profile – Meet Caffeine Connoisseur & AI Addict, Thomas Jubb

Thomas Jubb Technical Lead (AI) Tom is the AI Lead here at IBEX Innovations and he's certainly an interesting chap. With extensive experience in the areas of particle physics, dark…

11th December 2020

Staff Profile – Meet Beer-Brewing Code Writer, Christian Rennison-Jones

Christian Rennison-Jones Research Scientist Christian Rennison-Jones is a research scientist here at IBEX Innovations, he works closely alongside Thomas Jubb as part of the Data & AI Team. Christian has…

18th November 2020

Staff Profile – Meet mild-mannered history enthusiast, David Joyce

David Joyce Senior Applications Scientist Senior Applications Scientist, David Joyce, is leading the groundbreaking project to bring IBEX Trueview to the mammography market... which is certainly no small task! David…

4th November 2020

Staff Profile – Meet triathlete tomographer, Chris Egan

Chris Egan Tomography Product Lead It's not just a fashion statement when our Tomography Product Lead, Chris Egan, comes into the office every morning wearing his sports gear. Chris is…

2nd November 2020

Staff Profile – Meet behind-the-scenes hero, Lisa March

Lisa March (Quality and Office Manager) When it comes to anything office related, Lisa is the fountain of knowledge. If you ever have any questions on standards, quality, training, regulations…

19th October 2020

A New £4bn Market for DR Manufacturers

Today is World Osteoporosis Day, dedicated to raising global awareness of the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of osteoporosis and encouraging people to look after their bones. IBEX is pleased to…

7th October 2020

Staff Profile – Meet Sun-Seeking Football Fanatic, Tim Whitbread

  Tim Whitbread (Research Scientist, Mathematician) With a PhD in Mathematics and an MMath degree, our research scientist Tim Whitbread has an impressive academic background. At IBEX, Tim's role involves…

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