more accurate CBCT

Trueview greatly enhances CBCT imaging through scatter correction and noise rejection.

Compatible with multiple modalities, our state-of-the-art digital scatter correction technique greatly enhances Cone Beam CT imaging.



The Trueview physics-based engine generates the most reliable and accurate scatter removal capability for CBCT imaging. 

Trueview accurately calculates scatter for each frame in a scan and improves image quality in both the resulting 3D reconstruction and individual image slices. This reduces artifacts, produces better HU accuracy, and increases contrast.





Our state-of-the-art physics engine and scatter estimates derive optimum noise rejection. This means minimal loss in resolution and excellent image quality in low dose scans.







IBEX Trueview is compatible with any modality, dental and cranial imaging, orthopaedic CBCT, and fixed and mobile C-arm.









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