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IBEX Trueview® transforms your radiography experience, producing better and more consistent images from a simple software upgrade.

Validated on systems and detectors from multiple manufacturers, Trueview works in all protocols with no limitation on angle, kVp, SID or patient size.

Trueview completely removes the need for an anti-scatter grid, producing better images at up to 50% less dose. Unique composition-guided post processing offers clinicians new ways of viewing images for faster and more accurate reading.

The end result? Better images, improved workflow and better patient outcomes.



Trueview removes the need for a grid across all protocols to give better image quality at a lower dose.

Our state-of-the-art physics based approach requires no prior knowledge of the anatomy being imaged and provides superior scatter correction than rival image-processing based solutions.









IBEX Trueview® uses knowledge of body composition generated by our physics simulation to separate bone and soft tissue contrast in the image.

Trueview Composition Guided Imaging provides instant visualisation of all bone pathologies in a single contrast window.









An always-on scatter correction, reliably better image quality and new diagnostic outputs deliver improved workflows and patient experience.

Radiographers no longer need to worry about choice and placement of grids and can have more confidence in radiographic quality, leading to fewer retakes and improved clinic throughput.

Radiologists can review images more quickly with a reduced need to re-window images to see relevant pathologies and anatomical features.






IBEX Trueview® just works.

The generalised solution means that any imaging protocol can enjoy the benefits of improved image quality, gridless scatter correction and bone enhanced imaging.

Additionally, the software is robust to detector-source misalignment and other operator errors, resulting in fewer repeat images being required than standard imaging.










Experience the power of Trueview for DR by hovering over the images below.

Hand Original Clinical Output
Femur Original Clinical Output Femur Trueview Post Processed

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