State-of-the-art Physics Simulation

At the heart of Trueview is a real-time physics engine which models every X-ray interaction with the patient, building a precise 3D model of scatter and body composition from a single 2D radiograph. 

This unique approach goes far beyond standard image post-processing techniques to deliver robust, physically accurate scatter estimates over all imaging protocols and new composition-guided outputs.

The result is unparalleled image quality at a lower dose, and new imaging modalities where the intensity of each pixel can be tuned based on local body composition.




Hear from Dr Paul Scott, CTO at IBEX discussing the features of Trueview.

Integration and Workflow

IBEX TRUEVIEW® is supplied as an SDK for integration into any DR or CBCT system, operating in parallel with the standard image processing pipeline. Aside from removing the grid, there is no change required to the system or to imaging protocols. 

The Trueview physics engine is calibrated to the imaging platform through a one-time factory calibration. Ongoing maintenance is then compatible with routine system QA.

During operation, Trueview takes raw image data prior to post-processing and outputs both a scatter corrected image and companion composition-guided images within 5 seconds of image acquisition.

Trueview outputs can be returned to the image pipeline for post-processing on the host system or processed through the Trueview post-processing package to produce the final presentation image for the user.

Composition-Guided post-processing

As well as unrivalled scatter correction, Trueview offers a full end-to-end image processing pipeline, removing the cost associated with an additional software component.

Composition-Guided Post Processing is a method unique to Trueview that uses both accurate scatter estimates and body composition data to guide a multispectral blending and noise containment process. This enriches the information content within the image, and offers more opportunities to tune contrast to highlight specific features, for example to boost bone contrast and suppress soft tissue or vice versa.

Trueview post processing combined with Trueview scatter correction generates consistently stunning image quality, over all protocols and body parts. We believe that once you have seen the Trueview Composition-Guided images, nothing else will be good enough.